Posted by: richardpowell2013 | January 27, 2014

Community of Believers


I came across a famous quote that says:

“Tell me and I won’t remember,
Teach me and I might remember,
Involve me and I will always remember.”

That quote perfectly describes how Jesus conducted His ministry. Instead of just telling His students to follow Him and teaching them how to follow Him and He showed them how them how to follow Him through His example. That is just one of many examples we read about in the bible.
You may ask “Is this kind of teaching method applicable today?” Absolutely! That is why Jesus felt so strongly about community. Let me explain.
Remember when you first became Christian and needed someone to show you what it meant to be a Christ follower? For me, that is where I first experienced true community. I had brothers walk beside me gently and lovingly show me how to be a true disciple of Christ. Without that kind of community, I am afraid I would have fell away from the faith.
Community goes a lot further than church on Sunday. The fact is, most of my instruction came from outside the walls of a church building. In my opinion, that is one thing that is missing in today’s church, an authentic Christian community. As Carrie and I travel and visit many churches, that is the one thing missing, community. When I go to a new church I want to ask everyone, “Who wants to party?” Carrie keeps me under control, until you get to know me, then it is on!
To explain what I mean to “Party”, one of my fondest memories of fellowship did not happen in church. It happen at our house and involved chicken wings and karaoke. We even introduced wii dancing to the mix, now that’s a party!
The point is, we need each other. We need to follow the example of the first Christians in Acts 2. Verse 46-47 “Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.”
Do you know how attractive this is to the world? You know, for us boring Christians to have that much fun together! We had a 1,000 sq foot house and we would squeeze up to 50 people in there. I remember one particular time where someone sang “How great is our God” by Chris Tomlin. Everyone knows this song and started to sing along at the top of their voices. Our windows were open and the whole neighborhood could hear us praising our Lord and Savior! How powerful is that? It wasn’t about the food, singing or dancing, it is about the fellowship. What was really neat was the side conversations where people were connecting and scheduling one on one meetings to share each other’s burdens. What a special time this was and I feel that really makes Jesus smile when His children play together and love each other like the example he has left for us to follow. So I ask, where’s the party this week?

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  1. LOVE this!!!! I thank God for you and Carrie for being that example.

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