Posted by: richardpowell2013 | January 22, 2015

Spiritual Blindness

Spirit Moments

Often, I see but do not understand; I hear but I do not listen. I am blinded by scales in my eyes. The scales of my pride and prejudices, of my weakness and sinfulness, of my biases and banality. I see God active in my life but I fail to understand. I hear Him in the rustle of the wind or in the voices of people around me or in the mysterious unfolding of my life but I do not hear. I need to shed tears of love, mercy and compassion to wash away the scales from my eyes so that I can see again.

Christ was right there before the Pharisees and they saw the wonders He did and heard the words that He spoke. But they did not listen nor did they understand. Instead, they kept on questioning Him: why do you and your followers do work on…

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