Posted by: richardpowell2013 | July 11, 2015

Withering leaves



We had an awesome Florida thunderstorm the other day. If you think you have experienced a rain and thunder storm and you  haven’t seen a Florida one, you still have something to experience. Yes, it was the normal afternoon 15 minute boomer that came through after a fun day outside swimming and enjoying the Florida sunshine. Our Florida storms are amazing. They can shake the windows, sacrifice pool umbrellas, flood potted plants and create hail that can sound like a snare drum is coming through the house. They usually only last a few minutes and then the sun is back out, but boy you better take cover when they show up.

Well, this morning I went outside and noticed that one of my gorgeous oak trees out back on either sides of my pool had been hit by lightening, as a huge branch had severed itself from the rest of the tree…

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