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Carrie and I were married on June 14, 1986.  After 19 years of marriage our lives were out of control and falling apart as we were heading for divorce until God intervened.  When we surrendered our lives to Christ, God restored what we thought was hopelessly destroyed.  On April 16, 2005 Carrie and I were immersed into Christ together.  God continued to work on our hearts individually and together for the next year and in March of 2006 Carrie and I renewed our wedding vows and have not looked back since that time.

I started working for a local utility company in Central Florida in 2000 and Carrie worked in the medical field for 21 years.  In 2011 Carrie quit a job making more money than she had ever made.  The long commute into Orlando, new management with new demands, and greater responsibilities proved to be too much pressure for her.   When the owner of the company informed her that he would be cutting her pay, I encouraged her to quit.  The stress was not worth it any longer.  I really enjoy her staying home and taking care of me and our home.    Because of the money she had made we were able to get debt free following the Dave Ramsey program of Financial Peace University so we did not need her job to pay our bills.

About mid-2012 I became very discontent with my job at the utility company.  Company politics combined with a lot of the jobs being contracted out led to feelings of discontent as a lineman.  I love line work and the utility company I was working for appeared to be heading to doing maintenance only.  I kept my discontentment hidden from Carrie because I know how wrapped up in security she is and my job was a great means of security.

In August of 2012 some good friends of ours decided to leave everything behind in Florida and head to North Dakota.  There was a promise of a lot of work for the husband and it was thought to be a great missionary field due to the oil boom.  This got Carrie thinking:  What if we did that?  She didn’t have a job, our son is grown and has his own family, and we have lived in Central Florida our whole lives.  She mentioned the idea in passing to me and I jumped on it.  I had wanted to try tramping for years but I knew Carrie would never go for it.  After I explained to her exactly what tramping entails she was excited and ready to give it a try.  Before we made a definite decision or told anybody about our plan, we agreed to take a month to pray about it and give God time to work on our hearts and let our emotions subside.  This was a huge decision and could not be taken lightly.

Over the next month we prayed daily together and individually for God’s will and direction.  We also sought wise counsel from several Christian brothers and sisters.  By October the decision had been made and we told family and friends.  Our plan:  sell or give away almost all of our belongings, buy a fifth wheel and hit the road on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2013 to start traveling across the country while working with the primary mission of spreading the Gospel to the hurting and hopeless wherever God sends us.




  1. Awesome blog. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love ur comments.great job.

  3. Wow! Amazing! Praise and glory be to the Lord1

  4. Richard I’m in shock after reading your blog. I’ve been struggling a lot with wondering if line work is for me, only because the darkness of the people we work with. I’m a 2nd step, I’m head over heals for the work and reading your blog really reminded me of why God has placed me in this trade!! Thank you

    • Stay strong brother! God will use you in a powerful way!! Be the light!!!

  5. Awesome story brother. Good to have guys like you in the trade. Maybe you’ll make your way to Kentucky some time.

    • Thx bro! Would love to try Kentucky one day. God Bless friend.

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